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You ask for example:

•   how expensive is my maintenance in reality?
•   is my personnel structure effective?
•   where are the points to save money with little investments?
•   do I have all relevant information and figures for the possibly best decision?

Those and similar questions are our specialty. A visit for a pre-discussion is without fees, with a checklist
there will be an outcome of problems, where it is necessary to take the initiative; only travel allowance
(0,30 Euro/km) and flat rate charges are to pay, distances more than 300 km need possibly a night lodging.
Flights must have a special agreement.
All inquiries and desires for information please send to:

Dipl.Ing. Werner Zöllner
Austraße 22
D-76593 Gernsbach
Phone: +49 ( 0 ) 7224 - 67847
Email: wzoellner@paper-pulp-wconsult.com

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