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Development Of The Wood Pulp Industry:

1816: F.G. KELLER was born in Hainichen/ Saxony, one year later H.VOELTER was born in Heidenheim.

1843: Invention of the groundwood-pulp-method by F.G.KELLER . After several preliminary tests as reflections upon chemical disintegration with intensified pressure KELLER invents a method, which           produces by means of mechanical grinding of wood against a stone in a watery medium a new pulp fiber called stone groundwood ( SGW ).

1845: Urged by KELLER the worldwide first wood-containing printing paper is produced by Friedrich Gottlob KÜHN at the paper mill of Old-Chemnitz and is printed in Frankenberg.

1846: The economical use of KELLERs invention is contractual arranged by VOELTER.

1852: Construction of the first groundwood pulp equipments with VOELTERs design by J.M.VOITH in Heidenheim.

1856: Industrial woodpulp production in Kriebstein/ Saxony at the KÜBLER & NIETHAMMER mill.

1867: VOELTERs steam-operated SGW-station and the grinding apparatus of the GEBRÜDER DECKER company in Bad-Cannstädt on the world exhibition in Paris.

1881: KELLER appointed for honorary member of the " Verein Deutscher Holzstofffabrikanten".

1910: First electrically operated magazine grinder with hydraulic presses constructed by VOITH.

1921: First continual grinder ( VOITH ) installed in Schongau/ Bavaria.

1926: First GREAT NORTHERN grinder in USA.

1939: First ROBERTS grinder in USA (cyclic/ ring.shaped grinding )

1957: Production of refiner mechanical pulp ( RMP ) in atmospheric pressure with ASPLUND-refiner in Sweden. Trials for the beating of low-energy SGW.

1963: Pilot plants for the production refiner mechanical pulp in intensified pressure and high temperature ( TMP ) in USA and Sweden.

1964: First results of laboratory tests for the production of stone groundwood in intensified pressure ( PGW ) by POWELL, LUHDE and LOGAN in Canada.

1969: Post-refining of screened SGW with postrefiners.

1977: Test for a large-scale technical production of PGW by the TAMPELLA-Company in Finland at Anjala mill and A.LINDAHL at Bure mill ( Modo Cell-AB ) / Sweden.

1978: Ontario Paper Co. ( Opco )-Method in Canada ( TMP cooked with sodium sulphite = CTMP)

1980: First large-scale technical production unit for PGW at Myllykoski mill/ Finland.

1981: First Opco pilot plant at Kaipola Paper Mill in Finland.

1984: First Opco process in commercial operation at Q.N.S.Paper , Canada

1984: Introduction of the " Thermo Groundwood" ( TGW ) method by the VOITH company in Germany.

Development of Wood Pulp Industry

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