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Project Management:

An important part in working practice is the the right project- management with the inclusion of the right co-workers. Diverse working-steps during a project-management will be considered often not or not enough, thereby they are generally of decisive importance for the execution of a project with the aim requested; the controlling then has to verify , if the figures requested are realized. Keeping the systematology is convenient indeed, therefore in this place the gross systematology of the working-steps in project- management will be shown.

1. Describing the state of things of a problem. Exact determination of facts, reasons and so on.

2. Describing the state desired, namely the not- renouncable minimum solution.

3. Looking for solution-alternatives as many as practible. It is allowed, that an alternative exceeds the minimum solution, but it should be never decline below a minimum solution.

4. Carry out a decision-analysis. In this analysis advantages and disadvantages of a solution are estimated systematical, also the follow-ups, risks, possibilities of correction and so on. The optimal solution normally has the highest classification by points.

5. Make the decision for a wanted solution, calculation of the return of investment, in case make an investment proposal.

6. Appointment of a project manager to execute the desired solution.

7. Fixing the costs and the closing date- scope

8. Controlling of the execution respectively the progress of the project, documentation of the project

9. Calculation of the return of the investment reached after startup and acceptance.

-- In all the detailed working-steps W-Consult is standing by your side leading or helping. --

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